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Events Stage and Sound -Aerial photo

Events Stage & Sound

Having played in bands on many stages for alot of years, we have seen the problems that come with artist/ bands trying to put on a good performance on small makeshift stages and truck trays.  So after a lot of discussion, drawing and fine tuning we started building our own and the outcome is amazing.

We have a stage that is big enough for nearly any band, perfect for any small to medium size event or larger events that require a few stage’s. The stage tow’s behind a four wheel drive and can be set up and ready for the sound system in under an hour. The stage can accommodate a line array PA or ground stack PA rig with plenty of power points on 3 phase. We made sure it’s got a good supply of trussing to accommodate a great light show or with its white canvas back and sides you can hang a projector and play video’s! We have all engineering computations and OH&S documents so we feel we have covered all our base’s to help make your event a success.